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We Are

Committed to

Driving Change through Education,  Outreach and Advocacy.

Who We Are

Our goal at Granada on Broadway Outreach Project in Los Angeles, California is to make a positive impact on the lives of the underserved  and vulnerable members of our community. We are here to help individuals make better choices related to health, education and more...

Mission Statement

We celebrate life beyond culture and color through advocacy, education, and outreach.


Vision Statement

Our organization pledges to patiently work with seniors, adults, and youths so they can become the best they can be based on their personal goals and aspirations given a fair treatment and options..

Our Services

  • Free services assistance (Asistencia para Servicios Gratis)
  • Express clinic 
  • Mental health services (Servicios de Salud Mental)
  • COVID-19 test (Examen - HIV-Test/ VIH Examen)

  • Psychosocial events (Eventos)
  • Food bank (Banco de Comida) 
  • Referrals (Referencias)
  • Outreach (for hard-to-reach sections of the community that have lost faith in the social system)
  • Counseling support by trusted professionals (via support groups and one-on-one sessions)

  • Creating a united community by celebrating attributes, goals, cultural differences, dreams, and aspiration through our Celebration of Life health fair and workshops.

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